May 27, 2017

Church at Study 9:30 a.m.

May 27, 2017


Superintendent                 Hank B

Mission Story                     Mission SonLight

Lesson Study                      Clint W       (“Be Who You Are”)



Church at Worship 10:50 a.m.

Call to Worship                                 Alicia M

Welcome & Announcements            Clint W

Praise Time                                       Alicia M

Prayer Song                                       "Sanctuary”

Invocation                                          Pastor Wayne B

Offering                                              Conference Advance

Prayer for Offering                            Clint W

Children’s Story                                 Nyakong W

Scripture Reading                              Luke 13:1-9

Call to Prayer                                     “All in All”

Prayer/Response                                Clint W

Special Music                                     Howard M

Sermon                                               Pastor Wayne B  (“The Barren Fig Tree”)

Closing Song                                      “Softly and Tenderly”    #287

Benediction                                        Pastor Wayne B



Position                                Today                              Next Week

Greeter                                 John & Maria                   Elaine H

Deacon (Grounds)               Lloyd C/Aaron D              Gerald F/Thon W

Platform Coord.                   Clint W                             Hank B

Audio/Visual                        Robert C                           Daren C

Pianist                                  Ryan H                             Ryan H

Chorister                              Alicia M                            Young Adults

Under 5/Junior Church       Nyakong W/Pearl G          Maralee A/Cathy P

Offering                               Conference Advance        Church Budget


Sunset Tonight 9:11 p.m.              Sunset Next Week: 9:19 p.m.



Educational Assistant Position:  The Seventh-day Adventist Christian School in Saskatoon is growing and is hiring an Educational Assistant. This half-time position is perfect for anyone who is flexible working with Kindergarten-aged children, as well as all ages one-on-one or in small groups.  If you are an Adventist with an Educational Assistant certification and have assistant teaching experience please  send your resume to Corinne Lindberg - 2228 Herman Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0N3 or email

Men's Fishing Retreat Date Changed to June 2-4, 2017:  We are leaving for the Cowen Lake Campground on Friday, June 2 and returning on June 4.   Cost will be $50 per person.   The cut off date for coming is May 28th.  Please contact Clint or John and if you are coming, and tell us your shirt size.


NEW CHURCH NAME:  Please submit in writing, text message or email to Pastor Chris your suggestions. Submissions will be accepted till May 30, 2017.


5KM Fun Run at Camp Meeting 2017! Last year our oldest finisher was 86 and our youngest was 2 years old! Register at or call 306-244-9700.


Call For Camp Meeting Musicians!  If you can help with music for Camp Meeting, please contact Pastor Arbeau at or 306-261-0329.


Victoria SDA Church Block Party Fundraiser for the "Crisis Nursery" tomorrow, May 28 from Noon-4pm at 1002 Victoria Avenue.


YoUtH gAmEs NiGhT tomorrow, May 28th at Walter Murray School from

6-9pm for anyone grades 9-12.  Any question contact your youth leaders.


Waffles have become a large part of the discussion surrounding our church name change. With only a few days left to submit your suggestions, what better way to celebrate this part of the process than with some warm, toasty, goodness? So everyone is invited to stay after church today for fresh waffles.


Acts 17 Puzzle Answers (KJV)

From the May 20, 2017 Bulletin


1.        Thessalonica

2.        Synagogue

3.        Jason

4.        Berea

5.        Idolatry

6.        Philosophers

7.        Mars

8.        Dionysius

9.        Damaris