May 19, 2018



 Church at Study 9:30 a.m.

May 19, 2018


Teresa W

Mission Story

Mission SonLight

Lesson Study

Janet C

“Matthew 24 and 25”



 Church at Worship 10:50 a.m.


Call to Worship

Pavla P

Welcome & Announcements

Hank B

Praise Time

Pavla P

Prayer Song



Clint W


Church Budget

Prayer for Offering

Hank B

Children’s Story

Maralee A

Scripture Reading

Luke 19:1-6

Call to Prayer

“All in All”


Hank B

Special Music

Emily A



“What Are You Climbing Up?”


Clint W


Clint W






Next Week


Hank B/Elaine H

Htoo Lay/Lois O

Deacon (Grounds)

Lloyd C/Aaron d

Ernie P/Wylee G

Platform Coord.

Hank B

Wendy G


Terry S

Daren C


Anabelle A

Marilyn W


Pavla P

Musical Program





Church Budget

Conference Advance




Sunset Tonight 8:59 p.m.       Sunset Next Week 9:09 p.m.





Our Next Prayer Meeting will be Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 7pm


Rosthern Seventh-day Adventist Church Grand Opening May 25-26, 2018. There will be Vespers at 7pm on Friday.  Sabbath School will be at 9:30am and the Divine Service at 10:30am. You are invited to stay by for a fellowship meal afterward. The location is at 1400 4th Avenue, Rosthern, SK.


Living Hope SDA 3rd Annual Fishing Trip date is being changed.   Please stay tuned for any new updates.


2018 Leaders & Coordinators:  Please submit all information for the 3rd Quarter (July – Sept) 2018 schedule by Thursday May 31, 2018 to Marilyn Wiebe at or 306 652-0927.   Please Note:  If you have

Sabbaths where you know you will be away – please contact the coordinator of that duty so to avoid being scheduled in error.  Thank you. 


Women’s Prayer Circle meets each week following the Church Service. All women are invited.  Let us all keep reverence in the sanctuary following the service by visiting in the foyer or downstairs in the fellowship hall. Thank you.


Men’s Ministry at the Bridge:  Tuesday, May 22 at 5:45pm. Dessert still needed—contact Wendy 237-2006 regarding this.  Volunteers contact Mike.



Vacation Bible School Experience (VBX)—Sea of Miracles:  July 30 - August 4.  We need all volunteers interested in helping to stay after church on May 26 for a short meeting. 


We Have a Garden Plot in the Caswell Hill Community Garden!  We will be growing food for the poor in the community!  For more info contact Rachelle Zoerb.







Philippians 2 Puzzle Answers (KJV)

From the May 12, 2018 Bulletin

1a)     Men

1b)    Servant

2)      Jesus

3)      God

4)      Timotheus

5)      Epaphroditus


Philippians 1 Puzzle Answers (KJV)

From the May 5, 2018 Bulletin


  1. Timotheus
  2. Judgment
  3. God
  4. Gospel
  5. Gain
  6. Suffer