May 13, 2017

Church at Study 9:30 a.m.
May 13, 2017
Superintendent        Cathy 
Mission Story           Brea 
Lesson Study            Pearl     “Servant Leadership”

Church at Worship 10:50 a.m. 
Announcements                      Lisa 
Praise and Worship                 Students 
Welcome & Opening Prayer    Corinne 
Opening Song   #543              “Jesus Friend of Little Children”
Kindness:  “Philemon, Let Me Ask You…”     (Students)
Scripture Reading                    Rodrigo   (Proverbs 22:6)  
Prayer                                       Deborah & Maya
Offering call                             Rumbi & Lexy
Prayer for the Offering            Justin
Children’s Story                       Students
Joseph Bates: Apostle of the Sabbath Truth    (Students)
Special Music                           School Choir
Sermon (“Steeping in God”)  Corinne
Closing Song   #621                “Gracious Father Guard Thy Children”
Benediction                              Kynn

Sunset Tonight 8:51pm           Sunset Next Week: 9:01pm


Movie Night Tonight! May 13th at 7pm in the Sunnyside recreation room.  Worship will start at 7pm followed by the movie “Ring the Bell”.  Snacks will be provided.  Donations are welcomed to help offset costs.

 YoUtH gAmEs NiGhT tOmOrRoW!  We will be having a games night on Sunday May 14th at Walter Murry School.    We will be going from 6-9pm.   Open to anyone grades 9-12.  Any question contact your youth leaders.

Men's Fishing Retreat Date Changed to June 2-4, 2017:  We are leaving for the Cowen Lake Campground on Friday, June 2 and returning on June 4.   Cost will be $50 per person.   The cut off date for coming is May 28th.  Please contact Clint Wahl or John DeSa if you are coming, and tell us your shirt size.

NEW CHURCH NAME:  Please submit in writing, text message or email to Pastor Chris your suggestions. Submissions will be accepted till May 30, 2017. 

Call For Camp Meeting Musicians!  If you can play the keyboard, lead song service, or provide a special musical number please contact Pastor Arbeau at, or text or call at 306-261-0329 to line up your spot for this inspirational week and the last Sabbath highlight, “The Local Talent Program”.


Acts 16 Puzzle Answers (KJV)

From the May 6, 2017 Bulletin
1.    Mother
2.    Greek
3.    Troas
4.    Macedonia
5.    Lydia
6.    Earthquake
7.    Romans