July 1, 2017

 Church at Study 9:30 a.m.

 July 1, 2017


Teresa W

Mission Story

Bernice F

Lesson Study

Clint W

“Paul:  Apostle to the Gentiles”

Church at Worship 10:50 a.m.


Call to Worship

Young Adults

Welcome & Announcements

Hank B

Praise Time

Young Adults

Prayer Song



Pastor Chris


Church Budget

Prayer for Offering

Hank B

Children’s Story

Clint W

Scripture Reading

Matthew 4:23

Call to Prayer

“All in All”


Hank B

Special Music

Laurie C



“The Gospel of the Kingdom”



Closing Song

“Hail Him the King of Glory”   #202


Pastor Chris






Next Week


Elaine H

Howard M

Deacon (Grounds)

Ernie P/Aaron D

Htoo Lay/Thon W

Platform Coord.

Hank B

Howard M


Daren C

Brandon P


Anabelle A



Young Adults


Under 5/Junior Church

Anabelle A/Cathy P

Cathy P


Church Budget

No Offering Collected



Sunset Tonight 9:30 p.m.             Sunset Next Week: 9:27 p.m




Wedding Celebration tomorrow, July 2, 2017 at 4pm at the Raney acreage near Clavet.  Dress is casual; please bring lawn chairs.  If you are able to attend or need directions email barbara.raney@usask.ca.


The Mount Royal SDA Church will be Closed for Camp meeting on July 15th. You are invited to come & enjoy the blessing at Camp Whitesands that day!  Also there will be services held at 327 Pinehouse Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Camp Meeting 2017:  Get schedules and info at mansaskadventist.ca.  Come enjoy fellowship with friends & get equipped for ministry in your community!


Pastor Chris will be away at camp from July 2nd to July 16th for Camp Whitesands duties. You may still call him at his number and leave a message, or text him if there is an urgent need. Thank you.


Outdoor Church: On Sabbath, July 29th, we will be having our annual Outdoor Church Service at 2pm. Please take note of this as this replaces our usual Sabbath morning worship service. There will be a fellowship meal following the service. Come and be blessed as we worship and fellowship together.


Church Name change: the verdict is in: the five finalists that have been narrowed down to has been found. Here are those five names:


Bridge City SDA Church

Caswell Hill SDA Church

Cornerstone SDA Church

Word of Life SDA Church

Living Hope SDA Church


these names will be listed in the bulletin for the next two and a half months. On September 16th the Members of the Mount Royal Church will vote on one of the proposed new names for our church. Make plans to be here that Sabbath to have your vote counted. Thank you.  Pastor Chris


Camp Meeting, July 7-15, 2017:

International Food Fair:  Sunday, July 9 @ 12-2:30pm

5KM Fun Run—Sunday, July 9, register by June 22 at mansaskadventist.ca

Local Music Talent Program—Afternoon of July 15

Health Tent – Includes health materials and nightly “Health Age screenings”

Health Expo – Sunday afternoon and available during the week too!

Win a Fitbit! - Healthy Days / Healthy Ways Contest

Health Education Hour during weekdays – Equipping talks and food demos!

Kids Colouring Contest! – Daily prizes! 

To book a camping site phone 306-244-9700.


Call For Camp Meeting Musicians!  If you can help with music for Camp Meeting, please contact Pastor Arbeau at carbeau@mansaskadventist.ca or 306-261-0329.


Helping Kids Choose Jesus - Camp Whitesand is one of the most successful evangelistic outreaches in our conference. Almost 40% of attendees are non-Christian, yet last year over 50% of attendees accepted Jesus and 1 in 5 decided to be baptized. Awesome! Here’s two ways Camp Whitesand seeks your partnership in ministry this year.

1.   Join the Camp Prayer Warrior team. – It’s only by God’s power that lives are changed for him. Join the team on your knees!

2.   Donate to the Camper Assistance program – Change a life and help kids unconnected with an Adventist church to get financial assistance. Any amount is appreciated at any time of year.  

Contact Sandra Wall for more info: swall@mansaskadventist.ca or 306 244 9700 x214


Acts 22 Puzzle Answers (KJV)

From the June 24, 2017 Bulletin

1.      Hebrew

2.      Tarsus

3.      Gamaliel

4.      Persecuted

5.      Jesus

6.      Ananias

7.      Stephen

8.      Gentiles